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Fun Run


Fun Sports Gala

5 Jul - 11 Aug 2024 

Monday - Friday:3PM - 9PMSaturday - Sunday:1PM - 9PM

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由樂動兒童體育學院(FunKids Sports Association),於7月5日至8月11日舉行。「一個人跑得快,一班人跑得遠」,大會逢星期五、六舉行多場5千米歡樂跑,逢星期日則有多場2千米親子跑,穿梭中環及灣仔海濱長廊,沿途欣賞維港美景,份外醒神,完賽者還可獲頒完賽證書、獎牌及禮物。



As part of the "SummerFest@Central", the "Fun Sports Gala" is being co-organized by the FunKids Sports Association from July 5th to August 11th. Embracing the motto "One person runs fast, a group runs far", the event will feature multiple 5-kilometer fun runs every Friday and Saturday, as well as 2-kilometer family runs every Sunday. Participants will have the opportunity to traverse the scenic Central and Wan Chai harbourfront promenades, taking in the stunning Victoria Harbour views along the way.


"Fun Sports Gala" offers a variety of emerging sports experience classes and simulated competitions, including tchoukball which originated from Switzerland and is known as "gentleman ball"; pickleball, which is a combination of tennis, badminton, and table tennis; and dodgeball that incorporates Frisbee skills; the exciting rugby provides fresh activities other than popular sports for children of all ages to unleash their potential and cultivate sports interests and habits.

合辦單位 Co-organisers:
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