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Inflatable Wonders

5 Jul - 11 Aug 2024 

Monday - Friday:3PM - 9PM
Saturday - Sunday:1PM - 9PM


Inspired by the designer of the "Inflatable Wonders", renowned Armenian AI artist Joann, the "SummerFest@Central" will feature five large-scale world wonders, including the "Stonehenge in the UK", the "Easter Island Moai in Chlie", the "Pyramids of Giza in Egypt", the "Tower of Pisa in Italy", and the "Arc de Triomphe in France". Stemming from Joann's imaginative concepts and created using innovative generative AI technology, these all-white inflatable installations will captivate visitors, with the tallest reaching over 13 meters in height. At night, the installations will illuminate with vibrant colors, showcasing their beauty both day and night, making them must-visit attractions this summer. Notably, the"Stonehenge" will also serve as an inflatable trampoline, allowing guests to enjoy the unique experience of bouncing within the work of art.

主辦單位 Organisers:
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