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舞龍表演_ Dragon Dance performance
變臉表演_Face-changing Performance_1
小朋友功夫表演_ Kids Ku Fung performance_2
醒獅表演_lion dance performance_4
獅鼓表演_Lion Dance Drum Performance
幼稚園學生扇舞表演_ fan dance from kindergarten students_2

非物質文化遺產市集 2024 - 創新蛻變: 回味往昔

ICH Mart 2024 -Transformation: from Past

10 Aug 2024 (Saturday)


Section C+D

一連兩天的非物質文化遺產市集首度落戶《SummerFest@Central 中環夏誌》活動展示香港獨有歷史文化,將傳統工藝以及非物質文化遺產,與新一代年輕人和海外遊客聯繫起來,深度認識香港今昔。節目亮點包括陸地龍舟賽、投擲陀螺、求籤以及調配中草藥茶等獨特習俗, 並有舞龍、舞獅、舞客家麒麟、變臉、木偶、功夫等地方文化。

The two-day ICH Mart 2024 will be held at "SummerFest@Central" for the first time. The event showcases Hong Kong’s unique history and culture, connects traditional crafts and intangible cultural heritage with a new generation of young people and overseas tourists, and provides an in-depth understanding of Hong Kong’s past and present. Highlights of the programme include unique customs such as land-based dragon boat race on land, Pitch Pot, Fortune Sticks, and mixing Chinese herbal tea, as well as local culture such as dragon dance, lion dance, unicorn dance, face changing, puppets, and kung fu.

合辦單位 Co-organisers:
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