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2021 新聞稿 Press Release:

狗狗九日玩轉中環  芭蕾街舞連環上演

Turn Central to a 9-day Canine Playground  Moved by Series of Ballet and Street Dance Performances

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「傷健共融 鼓舞香港」力圖打破世界紀錄  2024奧運項目 街舞演出震撼人心

500 drummers Attempt to Break World Record  Showtime of Breakdancing to Prepare for Paris Olympics in 2024

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新興五人棒球任玩  人狗共享戶外管弦樂音樂會

Baseball5 Good for Everyone  Outdoor Orchestra Concert Welcomes Kids and Pets  

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SummerFest’s Day & Night Health Programmes

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《中環夏誌》6.26開鑼  《莫奈花園》《SUMMOJI夏日想》《光影迷宮》打頭陣 

SummerFest Kicks Off on June 26  Unveiling of Monet Garden, SUMMOJI and Light_Shadow Maze 

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中環海濱年度暑期盛事《SummerFest中環夏誌》6.26開幕 免費入場任玩逾廿五項放假放空放電活動 重點節目《莫奈花園》《生活藝術館》《SUMMOJI 》

The Annual SummerFest at the Central Harbourfront from June 26
FREE Admission for Over 25 #TimeOff #Chill Out #PowerOn Activities
Mega Attractions: Monet Garden, Living Art Space and SUMMOJI

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