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「中環夏誌」今年 7 至 8 月又番嚟啦!  
SummerFest is back again this July to August 2018!

「中環夏誌」是由Central Venue Management(CVM)主辦的夏季重點節目,於中環海濱活動空間為大眾市民提供一系列免費的夏日活動。今年7,8月,「中環夏誌」將開放中環海濱活動空間為香港市民帶來全新戶外體驗,包括戶外燈光藝術展品、加大碼遊樂園、遊樂場設施及遊戲。CVM 亦會聯同合作夥伴提供超過25個免費活動項目,為大眾帶來各式各樣的夏日消閒娛樂及享受。大家可以免費參加主題活動,亦可以隨意用自己的方式享受維港海傍中環核心的開放空間。

Organised by Central Venue Management (CVM), SummerFest@Central Harbourfront is a major summer programme that transforms the Central Harbourfront Event Space (CHES) into a series of free-to-public summer events. This year in 2018, July and August, SummerFest will open up this iconic space for everyone to relax and have fun, with outdoor art and light installation, XXL Playground, and other park facilities and garden games. CVM, together with our partners, will also organize over 25 free events and activities to create a variety of fun summer happenings for the public to enjoy. Come to any of these events or just enjoy this extraordinary waterfront space at the city centre in your very own way! 


開放時間: 星期一至五 - 下午3時至9時

五個加大碼充氣遊戲,包括「瘋狂扭扭擰」、「追擊的巨齡」、「一kick入洞」、「射波英雄傳」及「投籃高手」,坐落於中環海濱,為香港這個繁忙核心區,帶來鮮艷色彩和忘我笑容。同時,香港首個以變化多端的燈光效果為主題的露天樂園 -《光影遊樂園》再度亮燈,深受歡迎的互動藝術展、燈光風車園、結合本土情懷和燈影效果的遊樂園,肯定是今個暑假最閃耀的「打卡」位。

XXL Playground

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday - 3pm to 9pm

Five XXL inflatable games, including ‘Twist Your Body’, ‘Attack on Bowling’, ‘Kick Shot’, ‘Dart Ball Hero’ and ‘BasketTall’, have been set up at the Central Harbourfront Event Space to add vibrant colours and happy smiles right in the heart of the Central Business District. In addition, illuminate!, the first ever outdoor park featuring versatile lighting effects, will light up again with an interactive art show, pinwheel garden, plus a retro bustling playground environment. This event is certain to be the most glittering selfie site as well as check-in pop-up spot this summer. 

全部免費參加! All FREE to Join!

 2018 節目表 Programme

全港小學HIPHOP比賽 Vol. 5

全港小學HIPHOP比賽 Vol. 5 Date: 07.07.2018(Sat)​

Make-A-Wish 20th Anniversary Charity

Make-A-Wish 20th Anniversary Charity Fun Day Date: 08.07.2018(Sun)


補天愛無窮盃 Date: 10-12.07.2018 (Tue-Thu)

Arch Holistic Wellness Festival

Arch Holistic Wellness Festival Date: 14.07.2018​(Sat)

Balance Bike Fun Day

Balance Bike Fun Day Date: 15.07.2018(Sun)​


《吹海風。望天空》表達藝術鬆一鬆 Date: 16-17.07.2018 (Mon-Tue)​


《動動手。跳跳舞》表達藝術親子鬆一鬆 Date: 18.07.2018(Fri)​

Crossfire Neon Sabre League

Crossfire Neon Sabre League Date: 20.07.2018​(Fri)

Crossfire Dodgeball League

Crossfire Dodgeball League Date: 21.07.2018​(Sat)

Crossfire Combat Archery League

Crossfire Combat Archery League Date: 22.07.2018​(Sun)

Mellow Yellow Music Festival

Mellow Yellow Music Festival Date: 27.07.2018​(Fri)

WE.Star Cultural Harmony Day

"WE.Star" Cultural Harmony Day 「裔星躍動」文化共融日 Date: 28.07.2018​(Sat)


港島童軍金禧大滙演 Date: 04.08.2018​(Sat)


港島童軍金禧繽紛日 Date: 05.08.2018​(Sun)

Pure Playground

Pure Playground Date: 11.08.2018​(Sat)

Food Carnival 2018

Food Carnival 2018 Date: 12.08.2018​(Sun)

HK Ukulele Festival

Hong Kong Ukulele Festival 2018 Date: 18.08.2018​(Sat)

World Helicopter Day

World Helicopter Day 2018 Date: 19.08.2018​(Sun)

Shinywinds Music Concert

Shinywinds Music Concert Date: 24.08.2018​(Fri)

Think of a Market

賞想文創節 Think of a Market Date: 25.08.2018​(Sat)

The Stars Show

賞想文創節 The Stars Show Date: 26.08.2018​(Sun)


Check out our Photo Gallery to relive the moments from last year's diverse and amazing events! 

SummerFest 2017
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Central Venue Management 

Appointed by the Government through an open tender in 2014 and again in 2016, CVM is the exclusive operator and manager of the Central HarbourFront Event Space (CHES), the premier location showcasing Hong Kong’s iconic skyline and harbour. CVM’s experienced team helps bring the variety of events to the CHES for the public to enjoy and international press to highlight. The CHES has housed many events such as the AIA Carnival, Art Central, Lai Yuen Super Summer 2015, Clockenflap, FIA Formula E Hong Kong ePrix, Dragonland Music Festival, etc. 

自2014年後,CVM在2016年再度獲政府經公開招標委聘,獨家營運和管理中環海濱活動空間。在此處可展現香港標誌性的天際線和海港的活動場地,CVM團隊成功推出多項大型活動,吸引無數市民的參與和國際媒體的關注;其中包括友邦歐陸嘉年華、荔園Super Summer 2015、Clockenflap、電動方程式錦標賽 - 香港站、Dragonland Music Festival等。

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