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同饗剩夏嘉年華 @中環夏誌

Food Carnival 2018 @SummerFest

12/ 08/ 2018

11:00 - 18:00

由全港首個食物援助平台FOOD-CO舉行,參與者可動手把剩食轉化為美食,以及參與大型互動遊戲,身體力行宣揚「惜食‧共享」的訊息,學習珍惜食物及關心有需要人士。嘉年華設一系列活動,包括有「FOOD-CO市場」和「惜食小食檔」,售賣營養食品、有機小食、及已過最佳食用日期的食物;而「綠色市集」則陳列各式環保用品,如餐具、暖水壼、飯盒及沙津杯等;更有「綠色工作坊」,展示如何把剩食製成多款日常用品,包括咖啡渣肥皂、磨沙膏、薯印及蔬菜紮染等;此外,嘉年華更設綜藝表演及攤位遊戲,供大小朋友共度歡樂假期。 著名微型藝術家李嘉蓮亦會在「微『營』剩食教室」以冷飯及湯渣等食材,和一比六的小巧廚具,烹調出四道只有手指頭般大的精緻迷你菜式,令人大開眼界。 報名表:

Organised by FOOD-CO, Hong Kong’s first comprehensive collaborative platform for food support services, this Carnival invites participants to make their own delicacies with surplus food and take part in various interactive games to learn the meaning of ‘save & share’ and caring for people in need. The Carnival will also include a market place to offer nourishing food, organic snacks, and packaged foods that have passed their best serving dates. An array of eco-friendly products such as dining utensils, thermos bottles, lunch boxes and salad cups, etc., are on sale in a green market as well. Green workshops, too, will teach adults and kids how to make soaps with coffee grounds, scrubbing cream, potato stamps, and tie-dyed items with vegetables, plus other cool performances and game booths. In addition, Vivian Lee, the renowned miniature artist, has been invited to ‘cook’ four dishes as small as a fingertip with food surplus items and mini cooking utensils. This will be an experience you won't want to miss!

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