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Connect Fest 24 · 仲夏「樂」悠遊@灣仔夏誌 -

Connect Fest‘24 · Green Joyful —
Chill Together

10 Jun 2024 (Monday) 


在香港這個急促的城市中,創造一個空間,Connect Fest ‘24讓人悠然放空,沉澱心靈,並享受音樂的美妙。透過參與多元化的音樂表演和工作坊,可以觸動心靈,帶來愉悅和情感共鳴。

Connect Fest ‘24 can  create a space amid the fast-paced Hong Kong where people can unwind, find inner peace, and enjoy the beauty of music. Through diverse music performances and workshops, the events maytouch people's hearts, bring joy and emotional resonance.

合辦單位 Co-organisers:
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