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賞想文創節 The Stars Show @SummerFest

26/ 08/ 2018

15:00 - 21:00

協辦單位Dance Kingdom 於週日呈獻一年一度的The Stars Show舞蹈比賽。多位本地頂級舞者狄以達、「火雞姐」丁可欣 (Yanki)及 Lokman 將施展渾身解數,忘我舞動,盛暑中熱力四射。此外,「賞想文創節」送上悠揚的街頭音樂表演,當中包括人氣十足、日本清新男孩Mr. Wally及超靚聲Judas Law ( 羅凱鈴 )的演出。

One of the most eye-catching annual dancing competitions, The Stars Show provides a stage for the brightest dancers while the artiste - Di2da will also perform with his students to stir up the audience.

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