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願望童樂日 @中環夏誌

Wish Carnival @SummerFest

08/ 07/ 2018

10:00 - 18:00

願望成真基金與 CVM 首辦慈善親子嘉年華 – 《願望童樂日@中環夏誌》,以「願 望的力量」為主題,邀請公眾為病童帶來力量,並攜手與星級大使一起幫助「願 望童」Selina 以及其他患有重病的小朋友,實現夢想。以往該會曾令不少病童願 望成真,包括到俄羅斯觀賞世界盃。 嘉年華場內分為「希望」、「力量」、「快樂」及「親子」四大區域。「希望區」 和「快樂區」是由四十個攤位組成的願望市集,設刺激的遊戲攤位、願望小食店 以及慈善義賣攤位,美食玩樂集於一身。「力量區」內設有四個大型吹氣競技遊 戲,家庭可參與願望親子競技賽;成為願望星級榜的冠軍,更可獲得超級大獎一 份。「親子區」展示舞台表演,由棟篤笑藝人 Vivek 擔任司儀及演出;更有「PartyOne 神奇魔法 SHOW」及歌舞表演。大受小朋友歡迎的卡通及電影人物包括 PJ MASKS, PEPPA PIG 及星球大戰角色等,也會與公眾拍照和一同玩樂。當日捐款人士更可 參與願望大抽獎,贏取自選目的地的來回機票,極具吸引。

Based on the theme of 'The Power of a Wish', Make-a-Wish Foundation of Hong Kong and CVM for the first time will co-host the Wish Carnival @SummerFest, to bring powerful support to those children with serious illnesses, together with a line-up of star ambassadors. Previously the Make-a-Wish Foundation has helped many children realise their dreams, such as attending the World Cup 2018 in Russia. The Carnival will be divided into 4 zones. The zones of ‘Hope’ and ‘Happiness’ comprise 40 exciting games, food and drink kiosks, and charity sales booths. Moreover, four large-sized inflatables along with family contests will be set up in the ‘Power’ zone with super prizes for the winners. On-stage performances will be featured in the ‘Family’ zone with stand-up comedian Vivek serving as MC and performing artiste, plus the “PartyOne Show”. Moreover, PJ MASKS, PEPPA PIG, and Star Wars movie characters will be around to take photos with everyone. In addition, those who donate in the Carnival can enter a lucky draw to win a fabulous flight ticket to any destination he or she wishes.

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