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FSD PR3PAREDNESS Carnival 2019 @SummerFest

31/8/2019 (Sat)



消防處三「識」嘉年華旨在提高公眾對消防安全和緊急事故時應急的意識,及向社區推廣應急三「識」── 即懂得滅火及防火、遇上緊急事故時懂得自救和施救,以及危急情況時懂得疏散及逃生。主辦單位將會在嘉年華內安排各類有關消防及救護服務的示範,部分更是以往從未在公開場合示範過,肯定吸睛!小朋友更可扮演小救護員,在現場駕駛小型救護電動車;亦可一穿消防員制服,做個滅火救援小英雄。參與人士亦有機會親身學習使用滅火筒及學習進行心肺復甦法。



***Event cancelled

The “FSD PR3PAREDNESS Carnival” aims to enhance public awareness on fire safety and handling of emergency situations, and to promote the ‘Three Basic Skills on Emergency Preparedness’ to the community, i.e. know how to extinguish and prevent fire; self-help and help others in emergency; as well as escape and evacuate during emergency situations. The organizer will arrange various fire and ambulance services demonstrations in the Carnival, some of them have never been demonstrated in public, which will definitely be attractive to visitors. Kids may ride on the mini ambulance vehicles or dress up with firefighter uniforms, cosplaying an ambulanceman/ambulancewoman or a firefighting hero. The participants may also have chance to learn how to use fire extinguisher and how to do Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).


There will be wide variety of activities in the Carnival throughout the day, including displaying of fire appliances, ambulances and rescue equipment; and visiting of ‘Fire Safety Education Bus’ and ‘Ambulance Service Education Vehicle’.  There will also be various game booths and introduction of FSD mobile app information, etc.

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