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香港街舞節 _Hong Kong Street Dance Festival_2
香港街舞節 _Hong Kong Street Dance Festival_5
香港街舞節 _Hong Kong Street Dance Festival_3
香港街舞節 _Hong Kong Street Dance Festival
725 香港街舞節

香港街舞節 @中環夏誌

Hong Kong Street Dance Festival @SummerFest



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活動邀得30支本地著名街舞隊伍,加上兩個Party Dance工作坊及街舞比賽,聚集各大舞林高手精彩獻技,爭奪狂舞中環冠軍寶座。

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The festival presents 30 top-of-the-game street dance teams and crews, 2 party dance workshops and a street dance competition to rock the seafront into street dance frenzy. Let’s shake our bodies with stylish energetic ones.

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