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「小孩 • 毛孩」合家歡音樂日_“Kids • Pets” Family_6
「小孩 • 毛孩」合家歡音樂日_“Kids • Pets” Family _5
「小孩 • 毛孩」合家歡音樂日_“Kids • Pets” Family _3
「小孩 • 毛孩」合家歡音樂日_“Kids • Pets” Family Music Day
「小孩 • 毛孩」合家歡音樂日_“Kids • Pets” Family _4
「小孩 • 毛孩」合家歡音樂日_“Kids • Pets” Family _2

「小孩 • 毛孩」合家歡音樂日

“Kids • Pets” Family Music Day @SummerFest




是次活動,由荷蘭領事館支持,亦是 Dutch Days in Hong Kong(香港荷蘭日)的活動之一,為推廣荷蘭及歐洲的藝術音樂文化。除了有令人期待的黃昏管弦樂音樂會,此活動亦設荷蘭手工藝及樂器等主題的親子工作坊,小朋友更有機會一同參與其中音樂表演活動。一家大小逛逛文創市集,與毛孩享受合家歡音樂日,人寵共「樂」。

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Join us in this most anticipated European Mid-Summer Concert Day!

This event is supported by the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is one of the key activities of Dutch Days in Hong Kong, aiming at promoting European and Dutch Music and Art cultures.  Highlighted by the European-style evening concert, the event also features workshops of Dutch handicrafts and musical instruments for parents and kids. Families can enjoy a fun day in the marketplace and workshops with the orchestra.

This event is Pet-Friendly.

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